Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Self Portraits 4th-6th Grade

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  1. Sure.
    First the students draw their portraits in pencil.
    Then they go over their linework with a Sharpie, making the lines somewhat thick.
    Then, they apply a "thick" layer of oil pastel over all the areas - It helps not to put the oil pastel on the sharpie lines too heavily - so instead of having them worry about staying off the line too much we use scratch sticks to clean the sharpie line up when the oil pastel is done. Or you could touch it up with black oil pastel. One thing I have learned - you really need to be heavy with the skin tones or they will turn out a mess. This last time we did this I had them put a heavy layer of skin tone with crayon down first. The important thing is to cover all the white paper. Tell them not to forget the white areas - heavy here too.
    Finally, thin black tempera paint with water and a little dish soap - you don't want the tempera to be solid black - you will be able to see the picture through the paint - it will look more dark grey when you put it on.
    After it dries, give the kids wooden scratch sticks and let them go at it. I try to encourage them to make different patterns or movement with their lines.
    If areas like the whites of the eyes or teeth are dark I let them touch it up with white oil pastel.
    Hope this helps. If something isn't clear, get back with me.